REVIEW: Cutie and the Boxer Encompasses Art, Love, and Everything in Between

by Dan Schindel

An 80-something-year-old man puts on boxing gloves with paint-soaked sponges strapped on them. With furious energy that belies his age, he assaults a large canvas, punching with his eyes closed, leaving a spatter with each blow. After a minute, most of the canvas is covered in these artful bruises. Such is the work process of dadaist Ushio Shinohara.

A 60-something-year-old woman prepares a breakfast for her husband. It’s his birthday, so she gets him a piece of cake with fruit on it. She nudges the cat out of the way as she goes to rouse him from sleep, which takes a bit of doing, since he’s childishly refusing to leave the bed. She needs him to cooperate so that she can take care of everything else that needs her attention in their small apartment. Such is the day of Noriko Shinohara.

Grade: B

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